Stainless Steel Tube

ASW As Welded CFS Cold Finished Seamless HR Hot Rolled
AWAP As Welded Annealed & Pickled CW Cold Worked S Seamless
BA Bright Annealed HD Hard Drawn W Welded
CDS Cold Drawn Seamless HFS Hot Finished Seamless W&D Welded & Drawn


Spec Material Class Temper Quality
ASTM A-213 300 Series CDS or HFS Annealed Heat Xchngr.
A-249 300 Series WCW or W&D Annealed Heat Xchngr.
A-269 300 series S, W, W&D Annealed Genl. Service
A-511 300 series CFS or HFS Annealed Mechanical
A-511 Type 416 CFS Annealed Mechanical
A-554 300 series Welded Various Mechanical
A-632 300 series S or W, CF Annealed Genl. Service
ASME SA-213 300 series CDS or HFS Annealed Heat Xchngr.
SA-249 300 series WCW or W&D Annealed Genl. Service
Military T-6737 321/347 Welded Annealed Ducting
T-6845 Type 304 S or W&D 1/8 Hard Hydraulic
T-8504 Type 304 S or W Annealed Hydraulic
T-8506 Type 304 S or W Annealed Structural
T-8606 304L/321/347 S or W Annealed Structural
T-8808 321/347 S or W&D Annealed Hydraulic
T-8973 304L/321/347 S or W&D 1/8 Hard Hydraulic
AMS 5556 Type 347 S or W&D Annealed Hydraulic
5557 Type 321 S or W&D Annealed Hydraulic
5558 Type 347 W (Thin Wall) Annealed Ducting
5559 Type 321 W (Thin Wall) Annealed Ducting
5560 Type 304 Seamless Annealed LP Hyd.
5561 21-6-9 W&D 1/8-1/4Hard Hydraulic
5562 21-6-9 W&D Annealed LP Hyd.
5565 Type 304 Welded Annealed LP Hyd.
5566 Type 304 S or W&D 1/8 Hard Hydraulic
5567 Type 304 S or W&D Annealed Hydraulic
5570 Type 321 Seamless Annealed Structural
5571 Type 347 Seamless Annealed Structural
5573 Type 316 Seamless Annealed Structural
5575 Type 347 Welded Annealed Structural
5576 Type 321 Welded Annealed Structural
5639 Type 304 CFS Annealed Mechanical
5645 Type 321 CFS Annealed Mechanical
5647 Type 304L CFS Annealed Mechanical
5648 Type 316 CFS Annealed Mechanical


Material Type & Temper Tensile PSI Yield PSI Elong. % In 2" Rockwell Hardness
304/316 Annealed 85,000 35,000 55 R85B
304L/316L Annealed 80,000 30,000 55 R80B
321/347 Annealed 85,000 35,000 55 R85B
304/321 1/8 Hard 105,000 75,000 20 R95B
Type 416 Annealed 75,000 35,000 20 R95B
21-6-9 1/8 Hard 142,000 120,000 20 R30C

The information and data presented herein are typical or average values and are not a guarantee of maximum or minimum values. Applications specifically suggested for material described herein are made solely for the purpose of illustration to enable the reader to make his own evaluation and are not intended as warranties, either express or implied, of fitness for these or other purposes.

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